Conquer began with the goal to address the athletic needs of thousands of physically challenged athletes  who have been consistently ignored. Lack of availability and industry focus have resulted in the disabled not having the same sartorial opportunities most have, and we think that's just ridiculous. 

It all started with the Rancho Renegades, a group of wheelchair basketballers bonded by their experiences at the Rancho Hospital.  As James Gildea (a product designer at Art Center College of Design) soon learned from watching and talking to the players, basketball wheelchair is a challenging and demanding sport, to say the least. For many of the players, their off-the-court problems seem to melt away once the game began. Being misunderstood, underestimated and pitied aren’t relevant issues when their singular focus is playing the game. After a few weeks of learning about some of the challenges the players were facing, a few prototypes were born.  The Renegades were more than helpful with their acceptance of new gear and provided invaluable insights into what stood in the way of them and the game.  It wasn't hard to see how much abuse the player's arms were taking as they came down hard on their chairs, sometimes flying out of them onto the floor.  The Super Sleeve was born.  It was also apparent that keeping shorts up while in the chair was a big problem for many players, as they slid around in their seats while they played.  Grip Shorts were born. These became Conquer's core products and started the ball rolling for other adaptive sports clothing solutions.  As we continue to help wherever wanted, we plan on expanding to a broad range of other adaptive sports to provide the equipment that athletes deserve. We are passionate about finding new and innovative solutions, but the passion and strength of the athletes we work with is the true inspiration.